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If you have an idea for a show but don’t want to handle the technical stuff, we can help you. Our business is leveraging technology to support genius!

If you would like us to consider adding you to our network and your content is appealing to the “cultural creative” market segment and socially conscious consumers, you can submit your podcast or blog URL to us.  If you don’t have a podcast or blog but have a great idea for one and are looking for a partner you can submit that too.

Click here to launch an email and tell us your:
150 word description of your podcast or blog (or both) URL or idea.

Because of the volume of requests received we cannot reply unless we are interested in your idea. Thank you very much for your submission.

More on how it works if you join the Personal Life Media network:

Personal Life Media is a firm that represents individual podcasters and bloggers and sells ads on their behalf in aggregate with the other content in the network and offers a revenue share back to the content owner – that’s you.  Personal Life Media also sells sponsorships of specific shows if they have an audience and format large enough to handle a direct relationship.

Podcast audio ads and blog online ads are sold as a network to marketers and agencies either across all shows, on the sensuality shows only or on the business and personal non-sensuality shows.

We are experts in online advertising sales with great contacts at amazing companies. Plus we handle the technical side including online marketing, search engine marketing, feeds, bandwidth, audio editing and post-production et cetera. (We have a big list of our responsibilities we’ll send you if we are interested in your submission and boy is it a whopper!)